Kravitz appointed judge for Monmouth University's 'Shark Tank' for Business Students

Last night, I had the privilige of sitting in the same classroom that I sat in as a student at Monmouth University- except this time I was on the other side. My former professor of Public Speaking, Professor Christy Hetzel, invited me to be a judge for her student's presentation of 'Shark Tank.' It was setup just like the show on ABC.

I found it very difficult to be tough on these poor students who were nervous wrecks! Each student had to come up with a business plan that they would pitch to each of the judges and then would have to propose an offer for us to "invest" in. It was very interesting to monitor the persuasion and rhetoric of the presentation, the body lanuage and social cues. From school, to the workplace, to the newsroom, to the pageant, I have learned so much about voice and diction and how the delivery of your words reflects you.

I look forward to any time I am invited back to my Alma Mater, Monmouth University and I hope I have the opportunity to return again soon.

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