Kravitz covers the 'American DanceWheel Foundation' after performing for Pope Francis

The ‘World Meeting of Families’ that took place in Philadelphia, touched each of us in a very special way. The mission was to bring people together from all over the world, in celebration of family, life and love.

Nick Scott and Aubree Marchione got their "holy" ticket that day. You may recognize them from when they performed the tango for Pope Francis in Philadelphia. — But what we remember from that performance, was how they left us feeling inspired.

For over ten years, the American Dancewheel Foundation has trained individuals of all ages and abilities, to use ballroom and Latin dance to overcome social barriers. Nick Scott, one of the dancers who performed for the pope, explains that it’s more than conquering the physical challenge, it really boils down to your mindset.

But Scott did not let the doctor’s prognosis stop him. Over the years, this dynamic duo became ‘National Wheelchair Dancesport Champions and were the first couple to ever represent the united states in a World Paralympic Wheelchair Dancesport Championship. But their latest accomplishment took place on a global scale, right here in Philadelphia.

This international event helped to advance the mission of American Dancewheels--- to alter the perspective of the disabled. The hope is to change the public’s perception by promoting wheelchair dancers in dance communities around the world.

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