'Cozmeena' - Healing through Knitting

Here in Fair Haven, New Jersey is a new lifestyle-brand inspired by a woman who lost her husband in 9/11. Her philosophy --- to help other women, just like herself, heal through knitting.

Yes, it’s a hobby of Lisa Luckett’s, as well as a preferred method of meditation. as a 9/11 widow and breast cancer survivor, Lisa founded ‘Cozmeena’ for the benefit of anyone who is searching for warmth, comfort and grace. she is an example of a woman who turned tragedy into a safe haven.

Lisa says that it was something that in a traumatic situation, it was a default to move to. The Cozmeena brand was born after four years of analysis because of 9/11.. She finds that, sometimes women never seek help, unless they are totally being dragged into it. And in allowing to get help and peel back all the layers, she would wonder “when will I know that I’ve achieved mental health?”

Lisa’s therapist explained that she is going to get this unbelievable burst of creative energy—like nothing you have ever known.

Through Lisa’s process she learned that knitting was more than just an outburst of creative energy. She was offering a positive environment for those who could use love and affection-- Weaving warmth and comfort, like a mother’s loving hug, with each stitch.

Founder, Lisa Luckett, says that Cozmeena is truly mindless meditation, and because it uses tactile touch, it actually soothes your central nervous system. It’s physiologically, scientifically proven to calm you down.

Sooth your mind, body and soul at a ‘Cozmeena ‘Open Knitting Session.’ The name was coined when Lisa’s friend tried on one of the shawls and described it as something that is both cozy and glamorous at the same time — a pashmina for the soul. As you’re knitting it, you are actually infusing your love, your energy, your thought, your care into each stitch.

This past holiday season, Cozmeena knitters created and donated infinity scarves for homeless shelters and respite centers throughout Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. The effort led by more than 30 knitters, is now being expanded to encourage others in New Jersey to join.

The wonderful element to this ‘community’ is that you can take it with you wherever you go. Luckett describes the ‘Pocket Heart’ that is branded on each shawl– these little random act of kindness, times infinity. It came and it represents all the love and generosity and grace and beauty that followed after the years of 9/11, and all that my children and I have received from around the world.

If you are interested in joining their community or for more information, log onto www.cozmeena.com for their schedule.

For the full video, go to the REEL page under VISUAL PORTFOLIO.

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