Bruce Comes Home to Freehold

Just a few weeks ago, 'Another Thing' got to visit Bruce Springsteen at his book tour. Out of all the Barnes & Noble stores in the area, the 'Boss' chose to return to his hometown of Freehold, NJ to debut his new memoir,'Born to Run.' This book shares stories of the last 40 years, telling tales of both joy and suffering through Springsteen’s music .

The ‘marathon’ book tour took place way before sun came up,-with hundreds of die-hard Springsteen fans filling the lines before the sun came up. People of all ages, from near and far, made their way to Freehold, NJ, so they could have their moment standing side by side with their very own Bruce Springsteen.

The 'Boss' wasn’t scheduled to arrive until noon, but he blew his fans away when he unexpectedly made an entrance an hour and a half early to his book tour. Fans were dressed in their vintage Springsteen attire, concert tees, leather jackets, and American flag bandanas for their long awaited meet and greet with the 'Boss' . Some even brought photo albums and other memorabilia to show Bruce when they met him at the altar.

The Freehold branch of Barnes and Noble was tightly packed with fans from near in far, with fan favorite songs, such as ‘Born in the USA’ and ‘Glory Days’ playing the background.

Alan McNamara of Corporate Barnes and Noble explained, ‘We’ve been preparing for months, we found out about it in the summer and since that moment, there’s been a whole team of people working on this basically nonstop. Bruce chose the Freehold store which is interesting because he could have done it any store in the area. He wanted this store being his hometown store.

Perhaps Springsteen was born to write! – The autobiography ‘Born to Run’ is now released and available at your local Barnes & Noble. For the full video, check it out on Youtube at:

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