My Interview with CEO of the Jersey Shore's Newest Lifestyle App, 'ChatScene'

Jake Cohn is the Co-Founder/President of Advertising & Marketing of the newest lifestyle app at the Jersey Shore - Chatscene. I had a one-on-one exclusive with Cohn on the app that was launched in late July of 2016. Chatscene is a hyper-location based social networking app. The way it works is simple: you’ll be able to see a list of user profiles in your immediate vicinity—details include basic information such as mutual likes and mutual friends.

My thought immediately was, this app is going to be the new "Match.Com!"

Cohn adds, "Essentially, it’s a way to 'break the ice' via social networking. Our goal is to utilize the technology we have with our smartphones to encourage face-to-face interaction, as opposed to getting further away from it. We encourage dating, friendship, and business relationships for our app, which I think sets us apart from other popular social networking apps that are, more or less, strictly just for dating."

Cohn and his close friend, Steve Gurman, conceptualized the idea back in April of 2016, A team formed between Cohn, Gurman and another partner named, Rob Chinery, who helped found of the app. They add that, "We've utilized our skill sets to help maximize the app’s potential (which we think is very high)." The picture below was at one of the many conventions the ChatScene team have attended. Tech Crunch in London and San Francisco are just some of the conventions they have frequented.

The mission behind the app is to get people to be exposed to Chatscene as much as possible. Cohn believes it’s important to have your brand seen across multiple social media platforms, and also have a presence at their local communities. The team is proud to say that they are "NJ kids," and they want the app to take off because after all, it's all local! Their goal is to give users a positive and wholesome experience on Chatscene -where they have spontaneous and

meaningful relationships formed with people they may not have come across without the app.

Chatscene offers an Ambassadorship Program. where college students represent the brand at their school by giving away gear we give them such as t-shirts, pens, stickers, frisbees, etc. It's an incentive program for the students as well. For example, if you attended Monmouth University and were able to corral 50+ downloads/registered users on board, you would win a free iPod. The more registered users the better the reward! More info about that can be found at

I highly recommend this app if you are an active social media user and like to spend your time out on the town! Chatscene is currently available for iOS users, and the Android version will be released later this year.

For more information about ChatScene,

Visit @chatscn on Social Media!

OR on Facebook at

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