If You Care About Your Hair....

One of my hobbies is reviewing product for beauty and haircare lines. I recently connected with a woman named Jordan-Marie Harris, who opened up my eyes to a new haircare brand. Monat, whose name derives from 'Modern Nature,' is a hair-treatment system that proves to create fuller, stronger, longer hair. My hair is already very long, but its not only about the look-and-feel of your hair - It's also about its health.

The idea behind the Monat Haircare Line is to focus on helping others discover beautiful lives - inside and out. Their business model bypasses traditional retail channels in favor of person-to-person focus. It is the first to market hair care using this model! If you are new to the line, you would look at this chart to decide which treatment suits you best:

From there, the line will offer you an assortment of items that will take your hair to the next level. Their products are safe and non-toxic and are clinically researched and scientifically backed. I never realized the importance of quality hair products until I recently broke out around my hairline. (At 26 years old, I should not be breaking out!!)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan-Marie and learning more about her path and what drove her to work for this brand. Harris explained that she

"Started down this career path for the fun, friendships and residual income possibilities. This busines is so exciting and you can either trade time for money or find a way to make a residual income that continues to pay after the work is done. I wanted a way to create a better life for myself and my family and Monat was my answer. I fell in love with the products and community, I have trust in the company and stand behind the products. I love helping people each and every day whether with the products or business. It never gets old hearing that you have helped somebody so much to increase their confidence and feel better about themselves!" -Jordan Marie Harris

I am all about women's empowerment, so I loved learning about this business model. Her two favorite products are the Replenish Masque (which helps make hair feel so much softer and smoother by repairing and hydrating damaged and moisture starved hair.) Her other favorite is the Rejuvenique Oil. She describes it as pure and versatile and can be used in multiple ways to improve skin and hair.

For any inquiries in purchasing a product or becoming a presenter for Monat, reach out to Jordan Marie directly. She can be reached at:




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