Ride in Style with 'End-to-End' Detailing

Recently, I was driving on Route 9 and noticed the car next to me. It was the same car that I was driving - except this one was looking gorgeous, shiny and like brand new. It dawned on me that I haven't had the chance to wash my car since summertime (and it drove me crazy that I didn't have time in my schedule to fit it in!)

This is where a local business came to mind. Nick's End-to-End Detailing offers you on-the-spot detailing for your car, making it come to life from the inside out. Founder, Nick Iessi, says that "Our #1 priority is your vehicle back to showroom new without having to leave your driveway."

Sometimes, the hardest part of taking care of your car is just finding the time to fit it in. Not only is it a luxury to drive a clean car, but it is equally important to keep the value of your car up for when it comes time to sell it.

Before & After

Iessi's services are geared towards people looking to have their car, truck, boat, RV, or any other type of motor vehicle detailed or restored from the convenience of their own home. This business came to fruition three years​​ ago when Iessi became passionate about the art of detailing. He adds, "The look of satisfaction on my customer's faces when they see their vehicles look like they never left the showroom floor, also helps fuel my business and my love for it."

Your vehicle is treated from one 'end to the other', ensuring that every single part of your car is worked on - the exterior, the interior, and the engine bay are thoroughly cleaned and triple checked for perfection.

The mission of this business is to put the customer first. The convenience factor allows customers to get their car detailed right from their own home. Most detailers require their customers to drop their vehicle off at a shop and then keep them waiting until it is completed.

At Nick's End-to-End Detailing, they offer the service of coming right to your driveway to accommodate your schedule. You are welcome to check out the process right before your eyes and are able to ask on-the-spot questions. Iessi welcomes "any concerns you may have regarding the services being performed, and will make his customers feel like more than just a "number," like other high volume shops tend to do.

Iessi believes that this business was meant to be. He describes himself to be "an extremely meticulous person and pride myself on being clean, but detailing to me, is an art form. It is, in a sense, showing someone that no matter how dirty their car may be, or what imperfections the car may have on it, with the right products, time, skill, and effort we can show our customers how to turn their dirty mess of a vehicle into a shiny masterpiece."

The services can take place at the customer's place of residence or business or they can drop their vehicle off to their location in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

For more information on pricing or the services available, feel free to reach out to Nick Iessi.


Email: nickiessi94@gmail.com

Phone: 732-404-7789

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