The 'Adventures of Deliboy'

Food shouldn't have to be a chore. As full-time working people, mothers, fathers, etc., we often fall into the habit of snacking on-the-go and just eating out of necessity. We run out of time to enjoy a delicious meal for a number of reasons. It could be due to not having the time to grocery shop, the time to devote to cooking meals or a missed opportunity for people that may be struggling with weight challenges.

For those who live in Middlesex, Ocean or Monmouth County, New Jersey, we are in luck! Deliboy Delivery is a chef-owned and operated prepared foods delivery service that can help combat the obstacle of not having the time to eat well or eat good!

Founder, Josh Gryvatz, and his wife came up with idea by accident. It's actually a cute story - Gryvatz was a chef and would spend hours of his day cooking up gourmet meals for others, but often times came home to an empty fridge. So he and his wife decided to try out a prepared-meals delivery service. They liked the convenience of it, but the quality of the food was just not up to par. So, his wife came up with a better idea "Why don't you do it better?"

Lo and behold, Deliboy Delivery was born.

This is your chance to enjoy a food delivery service created from their kitchen right to your front door! They pride themselves on stocking your fridge with custom-made meals AND most importantly, giving you hours of your life back. These services can be offered to you by either a subscription or on a week-by-week basis. The choices of your meals are all customizable and are all selected to meet the needs of your diet. Chef Gryvatz offers a wide variety of dishes and all meals are cooked at his family-owned kitchen down the Jersey Shore.

Design your own dinners with Deliboy. As Chef Gryvatz says, "we offer organic, hormone free, locally sourced, paleo, gluten free and low-calorie items on our menu, but it doesn’t define who we are." You would have the opportunity to customize your own meal plan and it would be delivered every Monday evening.

The Chef and I talked about how his business differs from other food delivery services, because this concept has now become a trend in most communities. What separates Deliboy from other services, is that their mission is to create 'good food and real food' for their customers. There are many popular diets that are trending such as gluten-free or paleo and Deliboy can accommodate your requests. They pride themselves on meeting the needs of a variety of diets, without settling on the quality of their meals. He adds that, "just because it's convenient doesn't mean the taste and ingredients need to be compromised."

The Gryvatz Family was in the food industry for over 30 years, so this came natural to Josh. "We started with a small convenience store business in Staten Island where I remember putting newspapers together, stocking shelves and eventually working short-order breakfast. Then, we moved to New Jersey and had a larger operation that included a full-service deli/sub shop, grocery, custom-butcher, bakery and off-premise catering." Josh Gryvatz now owns and operates Deliboy Delivery with the support of his wife and two young boys.

For more information on Deliboy and to place your first order, log onto and take the first step to changing your lifestyle!

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