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Provide a sense of direction and a clear plan of action for college graduates, hoping to break into the television industry.

Having hands-on working experience in all facets of the broadcasting industry, we are able to provide solutions, with real-life scenarios in mind.

Help beginner reporters with on-air delivery, writing, producing, breathing techniques and tips for shooting/editing.

  • Broadcast Television Production

  • Job Placement

  • Social Media Growth

  • Voice & Diction Training

  • Image Consulting

  • Resume/Cover Letter Rebuild

  • Demo Reel Review

  • Marketing/Self-Promotion

  • Long Form & Feature Storytelling

  • Journalistic/Reporter Workshop

  • Content Creation

  • Mentor and Coach


  • On Site Content Creation

  • User Generated Content

  • Hosting Events

  • Voiceover Work

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Social Media Promotion

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